Friday, December 2, 2011


train table
craft/tool boxes
scrapbook boxes
laundry bags
blue luggage set
red luggage set
black suitcase
tv tray

Thank You!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kidcraft Cherry Hill Dollhouse

Dollhouse NO FURNITURE/PEOPLE (does have a few more scratches and dings than I remember.  hardly played with)  $15

Train Table

Train Table (has some knicks and scratches and screw holes.  bottom of one drawer needs replaced, the other is intact, a little sanding, and a coat of paint, and a bottom for the drawer, and this would be a very nice table.) $10 SOLD

Suitcase, Craft Boxes, Washer/Dryer Stackable, Toddler Mattress

Suitcase (larger size, does have a bit of dog hair on the outside) $2 SOLD
Craft Boxes (12x12 scrapbook) $1ea SOLD
Washer/Dryer $250
Toddler Mattress (a tear in the middle, and edges ripped a bit) $3

Bags and Suitcases

Large laundry bags (blue, still in package) $1ea SOLD
Brown wrap diaper bag (meant to be worn like a wrapped baby carrier) $2
Jean backpack $1
Orange (not pictured), blue, and green backpack (hardly used) $2 ea
Individual and small size insulated lunch boxes $1 ea
Blue Suitcase set 5 pcs $10 for all SOLD
Red suitcase set 3 pieces $6 for all SOLD
Black suitcase set (largest case needs pulls for the zipper) 4 pcs $5

The backpacks do not, but the three suitcase sets all have a bit of dog hair on the outside...from riding in the back of the van with the dog. :)

Bicycle with Wee Ride Seat and Wooden TV Tray

Micargi Bicycle-pretty rusty, wee ride seat dirty, needs tire tubes $3
TV Tray-used for a sewing table, fairy sturdy, few knicks around edges $1

Unicycle, Wheelbarrow, Crockpot

Unicycle-has a few scuffs on back of seat $20 SOLD
Wheelbarrow-rusty but functional $3 SOLD
Crockpot- 4.5qt Crockpot brand (target?) $5 SOLD